Discover the best side of Italy today!

Find us in Via Pietrapiana 82r right in the city center of Florence!

Now that you are Florence, you may wonder what’s the best thing this city has to offer, here’s the answer!

A Starter, a Pizza, a Dessert and a Beverage at €24,90 instead of €36!

Pick whatever you prefer from our menu and enjoy your first 360° Italian Experience!

Here’s what you will get with your Experience👇

A Starter to choose from Crostino with Cherry Tomatoes or Crostino with anchovy slices or a fresh plate of Burrata from Puglia and dry-cured ham.

A Pizza to choose from our more than 15 Pizzas with Fresh and 100% Italian Toppings

A Dessert of your choice to finish off in the best way!

A alcoholic or non-alcoholic Drink as you wish

Book your table now and come and try the only 360° Italian Experience in town!

And by booking your table here you can enjoy it at €24,90 instead of €36 per person!



-Until you don’t receive the email with the coupon, the reservation has NOT been accepted yet.

 –It is possible to use this promotion only by showing the coupon you will receive via email.

-WARNING: You will receive an email to confirm your email address: click the link inside the email to confirm it (so we know you are human) and to receive your coupon! 🎁


This promotion is valid only on the day indicated on the coupon, not cumulative with any other promotion and/or discount, NOT valid for takeaway or delivery, this offer does NOT apply to the Pizzas of the Secret Menu, only valid at Mister Pizza in Via Pietrapiana 82r, the service charges and any variations are not included in the price of the promotion.

Not respecting these T&Cs makes the offer invalid.

Here is why we are among the top Pizzerias in Florence! 👇

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