The NΒ°1 Gluten-Free Pizza in Florence

Book a table at Mister Pizza, only here you will find every Pizza available with gluten-free dough

Thanks to our special recipe you will have a 100% Gluten Free Pizza, with zero contamination, the best Gluten Free Pizza you will ever find: try it today with 30%off! πŸ˜‰

See you in Piazza Duomo 5r right next to Piazza Santa Croce

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Why Mister Pizza?

All the pizzas on the menu are available with gluten-free dough and obviosuly with all gluten free ingredients!

Every Gluten Free Pizza is prepared in a different environment and cooked in a separate oven from the traditional ones. Moreover we also have different colored plates to distinguish the gluten-free pizzas.

You will want to ask the waiter: "Are you sure it's gluten-free?", because your gluten-free pizza is the same as the traditional one!

All the staff of Mister Pizza is trained and updated to take care of celiac and gluten intolerant customers. You will never be considered a bad customer!

Light and digestible dough, thanks to our special recipe with double leavening and maturation of 36 hours at a controlled temperature.

But why are 99% of gluten-free pizzas chewy, without a crust and don't even remotely resemble "classic pizza"?

You may not know it, but gluten plays a fundamental role in giving pizza dough elasticity and structure, because it retains the yeast and allows the dough to expand at its best during the leavening phase; therefore, when gluten is removed from the pizza equation, it becomes difficult to obtain the same consistency and lightness of "traditional pizza".

And if the recipe used in the gluten-free pizza is not balanced correctly, or if the dough is not prepared by an expert gluten-free pizza chef... there can only be one result: a gluten-free pizza as chewy and tasty as a slab of polystyrene.

That's why you haven't yet managed to find a gluten-free pizza that has nothing to envy to the other pizzas that your friends take at the table: you have found improvised pizza makers and pizzerias, who have tried to mess up a gluten-free pizza so as not to leave your stomach empty celiac or intolerant customers, without worrying too much about flavor and texture.

But that's enough now.

From now on, your every evening in a pizzeria will be a masterpiece of taste, strictly gluten-free!πŸ˜‰

To make your gluten-free pizza at Mister Pizza even more irresistible, here is a special offer for you 🎁


*Read the terms and conditions carefully at the bottom of the page*

What our guests say


We stopped by chance and I must say it was a great find! Very good gluten free pizza, delicate and not heavy... I've had very few that good! I recommend it.

Cristina B.

Top gluten free pizza, great, digestible, delicious! Among my all-time favorites.

Daniele M.

My wife had the gluten-free pizza, and she told me it had been a long time since she had such a good pizza! The desserts (all gluten-free) and beers were also very good.


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