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Do you know what is the secrets that makes our Pizzas different from the others? The very high quality of all our ingredients, of course. We pick our suppliers in order to choose only the best products: from the dough with fine Caputo flour to the original Torrente tomato sauce, our pizzas are recognized both in Florence and Mestre to be the best in town. We love to serve typical Neapolitan Style Pizza which is why you can add PDO daily fresh Buffalo Mozzarella to your pizza.


We strongly believe that eating Pizza is an Universal Right. This is why we are very proud to serve the best Gluten Free Pizza in Florence and Mestre. We have the prestigious AIC certification which guaranties you the absence of Gluten in our Pizzas. If you are Celiac, Mister Pizza is definitely the right choice for you. All ou


“Tonight we are eating Pizza!” is probably the sentence that puts a smile on everyone’s face. Come and discover our Pizzerias: amazing food, courtesy and a fast service will be the ideal setting for a special evening.

We are proud to serve Traditional Neapolitan Style Pizza, so if you are wondering what an Authentic Italian Pizza tastes like, you definitely need to come to try ours!

Come and taste the best pizza in Florence!